Bookkeeping and Payroll

Here at Stanley Yule we offer the service of the day to day administration of your accounts department, meaning that if you do not have an in house accounts department we can take care of these duties for you. This can be done on or off site giving you flexibility depending on your requirement.
We can use a variety of accounting software (including Xero, Sage, Iris, Quickbooks and more) to ensure that your accounting records are up to date and compliance with HMRC is up to date e.g. preparing and filing your VAT returns. Depending on your requirement we can fully take charge of the accounts department which entails paying suppliers, chasing debtors etc or we can do certain elements only if you have an in house book keeper – it all depends on your individual needs.

Stanley Yule has an in house payroll bureau which can enable you outsource this function at a very competitive rate. All you need to inform us of is the annual salaries or monthly hours for your employees and we will calculate net pay and PAYE/NI liability due and account for the pension deductions based on information provided. We can email payslips directly to employees and depending on your requirement, we can also arrange to pay the employees by BACS from your bank account. At the end of the tax year we will prepare the end of year filings for HMRC on your behalf along with issue P60’s to the employees.

Outsourcing your accounts department can be a good choice for clients who are seeking to save time, hassle and the costs associated with running the department in house. We can do as much or as little as required, from running your full accounts department to just handling certain areas e.g. credit control based completely on your needs. By using this service, you can save costs as far as not needing to have fixed offices and extra employees and the job can either be done on or off your site depending on your preference.

If you need an accountant you can talk to and a first class service at a reasonable cost, contact us to find out more.

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Being general practitioners, we offer a boutique of services to our clients, below is a list of the common requirements of our clients, if you require any service that is not listed below please contact us.

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